Cashing the Cashless

Cashing the Cashlessiding the wave of the trend in event management system, PouchNation introducing its NFC wristband which stands for (near field communication). As the popular use of radio frequency identification at the music festivals around the world for the cashless transaction inside the event venue, PouchNation with its NFC also offer the benefit of it to the sponsors and the guests a like.

Studies show that fans spend up their time 20% more on site also spending more, increase sales by up to 61%. Quite number to show the potential revenue for the organizers and the sponsors to gain from the event.

On traditional way, the guests should be carried cash and cards around the venue. With the risk of lost it and getting pickpocketed. On the potential threat, the guests less willingly to buy or doing transactions unless its urgent. Mostly the guests would just do transactions for the foods and beverages at the venue because they feel thirsty and hungry. Whilst at the festival events a lot of kiosk or vendor would be selling stuffs and accessories or added item of sponsors related to the event theme. But once again, it needs the effort of the guests to pull up their cards or cash so unconsciously they would just pass by with the organizers and the sponsors losing chance to gain cash.

But with the event RFID payment, that currently start to gain its momentum in the market, the chance is getting bigger to cashing the cashless.

As mentioned above, there are researches and studies on the behavioural of the guests inside the venue. With the use of wristband as single point of transactions, helps getting rid of the need to car0ry cash or cards. They just need to top up the wrist and doing any transactions with just one tap.

When people use cash or credit cards, they would naturally feel hesitant to use them on small purchase or transactions at the kiosk booth or vendor inside the venue. But with the wristband as payment tools, they could easily buy small items like stuffs and accessories that offered by the kiosk or vendor or the sponsor inside the venue. Exactly a way of cashing from cashless!